About Us

Fresh, hot hibachi prepared while you watch with two Locations in Wilmington, NC.

We started Hibachi Bistro back in 2001 in a little spot next to the Barnes & Noble in Greenville, North Carolina. The “fast-casual” restaurant concept with fresh food was relatively new, and if we wanted a good Japanese steakhouse meal, we had to spend more time and money than we had — college students don’t have a big budget! We decided to solve both of those problems and give the restaurant business a try. We wanted to bring more fresh and fast healthy food options to our neighborhood. (Most restaurants use frozen-to-fryer ingredients. You’ll never find those at Hibachi Bistro. We make everything fresh, onsite. A vacation to Wilmington, NC convinced us that this was the place to settle down and start a family, so we brought Hibachi Bistro with us! We’ve been a family business ever since, and have enjoyed serving you hot, fresh, delicious, and fast meals! Since we moved to Wilmington, we’ve expanded so we’re closer to you you and convenient for a quick workday lunch or a healthy weeknight dinner. Check out our gallery to see our friendly staff in action cooking up fresh, hot dishes for our customers. Have a special request? Just ask! Our staff is happy to help! Want to dine in? Order at the counter and relax in our casual dining room. Need to grab and go? Take advantage of our online ordering system so your meal is hot and waiting for you when you walk in the door. (It’ll taste just as good at home, and even better as a midnight snack!)


College Road

341-14 S. College Road
Wilmington, NC 28403

Monkey Junction

5619 Carolina Beach Road Suite 150
Wilmington, NC 28412

Our goal is to prepare the best quality hibachi and sushi in Wilmington, NC at affordable prices using only the freshest ingredients. Everything is made in-house daily.